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How to Get cash quick exploitation day Loans?

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You got to perform slightly price comparisons simply before picking a day loans business. There ar varied various firms on the market giving payday loans on-line that is will be difficult to seek out the most effective for you. still, most on-line sum day companies operate in similar approaches.

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Video Copilot 100 Exclusive Adobe Afters Effects Tutorials

Video Copilot 100 Exclusive Adobe Afters Effects Tutorials

Video Copilot 100 Exclusive Adobe Afters Effects Tutorials
English | FLV | VP6F 20kbps | 1024 x 768 30fps | MP3 96kbps | 6.69 GB
Genre: e-Learning Basic Training | 395MB

00. Welcome
01. Introduction
02. Effects
03. Animation
04. Keying & Transparency
05. Motion Tracking
06. Time Remapping
07. 3D Integration
08. Titles 1 and 2
09. Expressions
10. Rendering

Here is al 100 tutorials that has the web up to the date | 5.77GB

01. Basic Sky Replacement
02. Deinterlacing in AE
03. Old-Film Effect
04. Introduction to After Effects
05. Camera Shake with the Wiggler
06. 3D Compositing Basics
07. Advanced Blemish Removal
08. Text Blur Title Effect
09. Speed Up After Effects with Proxies
10. Basic Color Keying
11. Introduction to HDRI & 32bpc
12. Fast & Elegant SlideShows
13. Assisted Suicide
14. Simple Bleach Bypass
15. Simulating Depth of Field
16. Creating a Flip-Book Effect
17. 3D Reflections in After Effects
18. Light Streaks
19. Frame Rate Converter
20. Light Sabers Version 1 & Version 2
21. Simulated Light Effects
22. Fun with Ink Spatter
23. Moving 3D Lines
24. Blood Splattering on a Tree!
25. Light Streaks Again?!
26. EarthQuake Control in 32bpc!
27. Create a Cool 3D Room with nice title!
28. Animate Realistic Gun Blow Back
29. 300-like Speed Ramps & More!
30. 3D Stroke Effect with no Plug-in
31. 3D Reflections with Refraction!
32. Create a 3D Ocean
33. Graffiti Writing
34. Fly By Titles
35. Jumpy Text
36. Time Freeze
37. 3D Camera Projection
38. 3D Camera Projection 2
39. 3D Vanishing Point
40. Earth Zoom
41. The Blud Planet
42. Advanced Sky Replacement
43. Demon Face Warp
44. Day to Night Conversion
45. Set Extensions
46. Virtual 3D Photos
47. Audio to Animation
47.5. 3D Text in 3DS Max
47.6. 3D Titles in Cinema 4D!
48. P1, P2, P3. Medical Zoom 01-03
48. P4. Riot Gear Promo Title
49. Magic Glass
50. Skin Displacement
51. Evolution Preview
52. Dead Planet
53. Planet Explosion
54. Advanced Camera Tips
55. Eye Replacement
56. 3D Eyeball
57. Water Drops
58. Fancy Title Plate
59. Frosty Breath
60. The Healer
61. Growing 3D Vines
62. Colorful Universe
63. Smoke Screen
64. Stabilize Shaky Footage
65. AE Bump Maps
66. 3D Sparks Title
67. Advanced Car Hit
68. Energy
69. 3D Offset
70. Speed Particles
71. 3D Shadows
72. Meteor Crash 3D p1
73. Meteor Crash AE p2
74. 3D-Crater p1 (Boujou)
75. 3D-Crater p2 (3DS MAX)
76. 3D-Crater p3 (AE)
77. Soul Removal
78. Energy Wipe
79. Organic Mesh in 3D Max
80. 3D Falloff
81. Spin Orbs
82. Energetic Titles
83. Presets & More
84. Futuristic HUD
85. The Ring
86. Fracture Design
87. 3D City
88. Disintegration
89. Soft Shadows 3Dmax
90. Ancient Titles
91. DVD Authoring
92. Blueprint Reveal
93. 3D Light Casting
94. Particle Explosion
95. Scene Re-Lighting
96. Submerged
97. Lightning Strike
97_P2. Lightning Explosion Part 2
98. Reflection Plug-in
99. Dynamic Bar Graphs
100. Glass Orbs

AE Presets | 467MB

00. Installing Presets
01. Film Fade Transition
02. Fast Film Grain
03. Auto Bright Lens Flare
04. Quick 3D Reflections
05. Bloom Transition
06. Aspect Ratio Letterbox
07. Day for Night Starter
08. After Shake
09. Gradient Gel
10. Light Sabers
11. Light Sabers V2
12. Frame Rate Converter
13. 3D Orbit Tool
14. Sure Target
15. 3D Falloff
16. Reflection Plug-in
17. Presets and More

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How To DIY Video Collection of Tutorials DVDRip xVID AC3 - MAX

How To DIY Video Collection of Tutorials DVDRip xVID AC3 - MAX

How To DIY Video Collection of Tutorials DVDRip xVID AC3 - MAX
English | Avi | DX50 | 528x400 | 4:3 | 1379 | MP3 100Kbps 48000Hz | 1.47Gb

These “HOW TO” videos are very useful. DIY DVD range is the essential step by step, easy to follow visual aid for any DIY enthusiast. Each DVD reveals handy tips from the trade and gives professional instruction on how to carry out home improvements, repairs and maintenance. Complete list on next page. 6 Video Courses
Hanging doors, fitting floor boards, skirting boards, fitting bath panels, general tool practice, carpentry techniques.

Bathroom/Kitchen tiling, measuring up, preparation, application techniques, grouting, sealing.

Fitting & replacing taps, plumbing in washing/dishwasher machine, pipe bending & soldering, replacing tap washers, cleaning sink traps, general plumbing tips.

Painting and Decorating
Painting methods, wallpapering, striping old paintwork, staining woodwork, removing radiators, painting ceilings.

Home Security
Fitting door locks, securing windows, security bolts, security lighting, fitting door chains, general security tips.

Year Round Home Maintenance
Re-grouting & sealing, replacing roof tiles, cleaning gutters & gully’s, radiator valve repairs, re-pointing, door & window maintenance, loft & pipe lagging, general maintenance tips.

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Working with nCloth & nConstraints in Maya

Working with nCloth & nConstraints in Maya
Working with nCloth & nConstraints in Maya
English | avi | 54 mins | 800x600 | Divx 216 kbps | MP3 56 Kbps | 131 MB
Genre: eLearning

This is a four part tutorial that will show you how to work with ncloth and give you an understanding of some of the basic constraints and settings for ndynamics in Maya. You can use nConstraints to adjust the behavior of nCloth and nParticle objects, by restricting their movement or securing them to other objects. This is used when you want to constrain certain parts of your nCloth clothing to your character so that it doesn't fall off. You can also use constraints to attach buttons, tear your nCloth, or merge different nCloth objects together.

In part 1 we create a flag blowing in the wind with ncloth using transform nconstraints and adjust settings for wind speed, gravity and air density for different results. You'll see how to set animation keys, work with the time slider and create collisions between objects in Maya.

In part 2 we create a table cloth and use point to surface nconstraints to prevent ncloth from sliding off a surface.

In part 3 we tear cloth using tearable nconstraints and rip off a part of our flag. This is a useful method for creating zippers and slicing through surfaces in Maya.

In part 4 we look at how to create ropes and cabels and why ncloth is not suitable for this purpose. Instead we go over a very useful mel script which will connect nicely swinging cabels in a scene for you.

Working with nCloth & nConstraints in Maya

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Lick Library Learn To Play Rush

Lick Library Learn To Play Rush

Lick Library Learn To Play Rush
PAL DVDR | English | 2hours | 720x576 (16:9) 25fps | Audio: AC3 48000 Hz, Stereo, 192 kb/s | 4.03 GB
Genre: eLearning

Learn five Rush tracks note for note with Danny Gill. This superb DVD will teach you the complex compositions and instrumental rock of guitarist Alex Lifeson! learn every riff and solo note for note! Tracks include: The Spirit Of Radio, Limelight, YYZ, Tom Sawyer, Closer To The Heart. Danny Gill is a former pupil of Joe Satriani, and co-author of the Musicians Institute Rock Lead Guitar series. His songs have appeared on numerous TV shows including 'The Osbournes' as well as motion picture soundtracks such as 'Insomnia' and 'Under Siege'.


Lick Library Learn To Play Rush