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The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course by Gray Cook

The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course by Gray Cook
The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course by Gray Cook
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Genre: Elearning
Imagine a GPS system that not only shows you the fastest way to reach your goal—but magically zooms in on, eliminates and fixes every obstacle, pothole, speed bump and detour currently slowing you down. Oh, and the same GPS system does double-duty again by acting as a warning and instant-fix-it system for your vehicle! Well, that's what you get when you combine the very best of RKC with the very best of FMS:

a "Movement-GPS System" that kills ten birds with one stone—spotting the deficiencies, fixing them and fast-tracking you forward —so you can leap into action and perform at the very highest level, NOW…

So say hello to your new "little friend"—Gray Cook and Brett Jones's Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course—the shoot-first, take-no-prisoners battle-pack for the ultimate in enhanced performance systems.

The FMS protocols are considered an essential part of training in many of the NFL's best teams, including four out of the last five Super Bowl champions. Numerous other competitive athletes and their coaches swear in similar fashion to the power of FMS for not only keeping them at play, but performing at the highest possible level—safely. Branches of the military, including many elite units have welcomed FMS as a superb addition to their combat-readiness training procedures.

Pavel's HardStyle RKC protocols have received similar acclaim from an equally broad range of athletes, martial artists and military personnel.

Gray Cook has strongly endorsed HardStyle RKC. Pavel has strongly endorsed FMS…

Only natural then that Pavel and Gray Cook should join forces to offer RKCs a special program that integrates the best of RKC with the best of FMS.

When word first got about the CK-FMS, Dragon Door's top RKCs rushed to sign up. The result was an event that had hands-down the highest quality group of coaches and trainers ever mustered together at one time in one place for one workshop. And the results were of course beyond spectacular….

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The Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course by Gray Cook

Download (Links) Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part01.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part02.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part03.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part04.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part05.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part06.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part07.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part08.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part09.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part10.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part11.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part12.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part13.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part14.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part15.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part16.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part17.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part18.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part19.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part20.rar Cook_ Certified.Kettlebell.F.M.S.Workshop.part21.rar

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