Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rick Hernandez collection Martial Arts

Rick Hernandez collection Martial Arts
Rick Hernandez collection Martial Arts
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Hernandez, a kuntao master, received his training directly from Filipino martial arts master Florendo Visitacion. Having said that, the concepts can be easily incorporated into whatever style you practice.
Reknowned selfdefense expert Marc MacYoung on Rick Hernandez:

Is an ex-Brooklyn street thug and Army Ranger, the man was dangerous BEFORE he started studying Kuntao. While my opinion is that pure kuntao is too excessively brutal for self-defense, the concepts that make it extremely effective can be scaled back to operate within judicious use of force standards without losing their effectiveness. On the other hand for individuals operating within combat zones or in high-risk professions where quickly and effectively neutralizing an immediate threat is necessary you're going to want to know the information in this tape. My only complaint about his tapes is that while Rick is a funny, vivacious and exciting teacher in person, he stiffens up in front of a camera. He's not going to get any academy awards for acting, but if you learn what he is talking about in this tape, you might be around to watch the next Academy Awards on T.V. -- Marc MacYoung

Rick Hernandez collection Martial Arts

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