Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kathy Smith - Body Boomers Workout

Kathy Smith - Body Boomers Workout

Kathy Smith - Body Boomers Workout
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Description: "Usually when we get older, we begin to think more about how to take care of your health and keep fit. Join me and together we can strengthen our body and spirit with three of my favorite sets of exercises." Kathy Smith
Complex 1: Overcoming Menopause The complex consists of three parts: a lightweight aerobic level of complexity, relaxing yoga and strength training to burn calories, which helps strengthen the heart, improves circulation and promotes good sleep. All in order to work on major groups of muscles, posture and help a woman prepare to move the hormonal changes during the period preceding menopause, and during it.
Complex 2: Exercises with the ball effective exercises on the ball will help strengthen the press and make a slimmer waist and hips. Each exercise has three levels of difficulty, and you can do exercises suited to you directly.
Complex 3: a healthy mind and body through exercises based on yoga, we can relax and get rid of any stray voltage. They will help us to maintain a toned core muscles and improve posture.

Kathy Smith - Body Boomers Workout
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