Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Step by Step Bellydance with Leilainia

Step by Step Bellydance with Leilainia
Step by Step Bellydance with Leilainia
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Burn calories and gain muscle tone for a sleek, slim physique Elegant, sensual, and graceful, belly dance is an ancient form of artistic expression--and a fun way to a great physique. Lose weight and tone from head to toe as you build core strength, coordination, and muscle definition.

Led by Leilainia, a second-generation dancer who has been performing all her life, this program provides the ideal introduction to a unique dance style. Learn the basics from the tutorial, then try one or all three of the 15-minute dance combinations. Pick from a high-energy routine for major calorie burn; a total-body toning segment; and a flirty fusion of modern and traditional moves.

From shimmies to snake arms, these exciting moves work the quads, glutes, arms, and back--and create an incredible midsection. You’ll feel strong, xxxy, and powerful as you burn fat and get fit. Embrace your own style, have fun, and start slimming down today!

Step by Step Bellydance with Leilainia

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